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Bringing together years of experience, state-of-the- art technology and modern techniques to better assist your equine on the path to recovery. EERS is a full service equine facility that offers a wide variety of holistic modalities including but not limited to: Electromagnetic Pulse, Cold Compression, cold laser, TENS and Equine Massage therapies and Reconditioning with TheraBand technologies. These treatments are non-invasive and may compliment any veterinarian's post-surgery or post-injury rehabilitation protocol. All services are provided by Gina Clark, CEMT,VT with over 30 years horse experience ranging from equine vet tech, trainer, performer and equine massage therapist.
 Gina has worked along side numerous top-notch veterinarians and trainers in the equine industry. She started her vet tech career at Tampa Bay Downs assisting Dr. Robert McDonald, DVM in track side medicine, farm calls and surgical procedures. During this time Gina began to get involved with the racehorses on a more personal level. She started galloping and became assistant trainer to Patrick Cleary. It was during this period of galloping, training and working as a vet tech that she was able to hone  her skills as an equine professional. When she moved up the East coast to Delaware, Gina then took a position as a vet tech with Teigland, Franklin & Brokken, DVM's P.A. working under Dr. Luis Castro, Tom Reid, Sara Langsam and Sara Barr. On her days off from technician duties, if she didn't have a horse in training running in the races, Gina would be found ponying other horses at the races. Being involved in every facet of the equine industry has given her the keen eye to detect the most subtle of changes in behavior and movement and the experience to handle most any situation. She is able to perform all aspects of technical duties from IV catheter maintenance to medication administration to intricate bandage changes and supportive veterinary care.  

Cactus Creek Ranch is a well established facility that provides quiet and comfortable surroundings to ensure a safe and successful rehabilitation . Any horse would feel comfortable in one of the spacious, padded 13x13 stalls, individual turnout (when applicable), 2 Large 30 ft enclosed round pens equipped with viewing for owners, two large indoor arenas equipped with lighting and irrigation, multiple outdoor arenas and much more. All of the modern amenities ensure that your equine doesn't miss a day of rehab due to inclement weather.
EERS also offers a variety of Spa and Layup packages for those equine that need some overdue R&R or simply need a vacation. 
We hope you can find everything you need. Elite Equine Rehab Services is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
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